I have casually mentioned a number of times, about how Believers could network in order to help prepare for the coming prophecies of Revelation.  I whimsically drew an analogy to the Walking Dead show.  In the long running TV series, one consistent theme was how having a strong core group was essential for survival.

The opening of the Fifth Seal has seen a horrific rise of persecution of Believers in the dominion of Death and Hades — i.e. the conflict zones of Africa and the Middle East.  We have seen sporadic increases in attacks on Christians and Churches in Western Europe and America in recent years as well.  With the agents of the Beasts calling for the abolishment of local police departments, a real and immediate threat has arisen.  Should there no longer be a police force to protect Believers, then the agents and minions of the Beast will begin to attack.  Though I do not believe that God wants Believers to proactively do violence to suppress the growing evil in our society, I do believe that we have a God given right to defend ourselves, our family, our friends, and our community.  With this thought, I do believe it is time to more actively organize defensive groups to protect ourselves.

Please give this thought and prayer.  We must not engage in stupid and illegal acts, but should the police no longer be able to protect us, then we must protect ourselves.

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