The agents of the Beast continue to follow the paradigm used by Hitler and his National Socialists to gain political power.  The mass media continues its propaganda, (a tool used to great effect by the Nazis), in support of those politicians who support the political agenda of the Beast.  The creation and funding of the ‘anti-Fa’ groups mimics the Nazi’s use of the ‘Brown Shirt’ brigades, who used physical violence to disrupt the gatherings and organization of opposing political groups.  The agents of the Beast are seeking to prepare the way for the rise of the Beast, aka the Anti-Christ.

Every election cycle becomes important to keep the Beast at bay.  The rhetoric of political violence being used against the Republican Party and conservatives has morphed, and it is only a matter of time before it is applied to Christians.  This transition may have already begun.

The question facing Believers in the West is, how much self-defense does God allow?  I read how certain native American tribes were wiped out after being converted to Christianity, as their beliefs resulted in a failure to defend themselves.  Those Christians being massacred in Africa and the Middle East live in societies where they are few in number.  Christians in the West are falling as a percentage of the population, and they too risk becoming a small minority of the population once the Baby Boomers die — that would be a dangerous situation.

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