In 2013, a team of scientists at Rutgers University made a dramatic discovery.  55 million years ago, in an event known as Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum , or PETM for short, global average temperatures rose by 5 degrees centigrade in only 13 years.  Previously, it was thought to have taken closer to 10,000 years.

Though the scientists know that the rapid spike in temperatures was driven by a massive release of carbon into the atmosphere,  the actual cause of that spike is still unknown.  However, for our purposes, the cause is of no importance.

Fast forward to today.  Man made carbon emissions has caused global average temperatures to increase to the point where different natural, self-reinforcing global warming processes has begun.  As these natural global warming processes kick in, we expect an acceleration in the rise of temperatures to similarly kick in.

Given that we have argued Christ will return to this world by 2048 (100 years after the founding of the modern state of Israel), then we would expect that, in the near future, there will need to be an event that will release a massive amount of carbon into the atmosphere — just like 55 million years ago.  We say this as global warming needs to start spiking higher soon in order to serve as the hand of God in bringing about certain prophecies found in Revelation.

One possible trigger for a sudden acceleration of warming would be the start of ice free summers in the Arctic.  Once this occurs, the Arctic Sea will begin to warm at an accelerate rate, resulting in an explosive release of methane from the East Siberian Sea.   A more spectacular, and lower probability event (scientifically speaking), would be an eruption of a supervolcano (which this site has speculated would occur, servings as the manifestation of the opening of the Sixth Seal).  This also would certainly serve to not only inject a massive amount of carbon in the atmosphere, but it would also greatly accelerate the natural warming cycles that have already been set in motion.  Such a convergence of events would conspire to bring about a repeat of what happened 55 million years ago — a rise in average global temperatures of 5 degrees centigrade in just 13 years.

The opening of the Sixth Seal is next on the timeline of Revelation.  Not only will it be an awe inspiring event, but I suspect that it will also serve as a trigger for the sudden acceleration of global warming needed to serve as the manifestations that accompany the opening of the Seventh Seal.

The mysteries of Revelation will be revealed to us.

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