I read on article on the BBC news site that since the election, the White House has received 20 petitions from groups seeking the succession of their states from the Union. The petition from Texas was the largest, with over 25,000 signatures. Though the possibility seems remote, Texas leaving the Union and forming a separate nation would give Believers a needed refuge from an American Anti-Christ. Perhaps this is why the main media outlets in the US are not covering the Catalan movement for independence from Spain. Millions of Catalans have demonstrated in Barcelona for their independence but not a peep of this on CNN — do the children of the Beast fear such a movement?
Believers must continue to try to steer America away from the path that leads to the Beast, but the stakes are too large to not have other options. As the children of the Beast continue to implement the political agenda of the coming Anti-Christ in America, Believers must create a refuge for both their physical and spiritual security. An independent Texas would surely be governed by Believers and others who would reject the embrace of the Beast. It could be a nation free from the mark of Beast — a sanctuary for all Believers in the End of Days.
No matter how extreme or improbable this may seem, as we approach the End of Days, the unthinkable will become reality — and much of it will be the bad kind. Believers may hope for the rapture, but God may just decide to test this final generation of Believers with fire — and keep us on this Earth till the very end. We must make ourselves an ark, a refuge to weather as best as possible the coming of the prophecies of Revelation. Physical suffering can be endured with God’s help, but nothing will save those who receive the mark of the Beast. Perhaps God will bless American Believers with a separate nation, like Texas, that will save them from the mark. Let us pray and work for a refuge. The only other option will be to flee to the Canadian wilderness or the jungles of South America — definitely something only a lucky few will be able to do successfully. An independent Texas is the only way to save millions of Believers from an America Anti-Christ — a scenario whose probability continues to grow with time. I believe Jesus’s greatest commandment is to love others as much as you love God. I cannot think of a greater act of love than to save a soul from eternal separation from God — and saving them the mark of the Beast will do just that.

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