We have been highlighting the growing danger that America will fall under the dominion of the Beast at the time of his ascension.  This danger is seen in a recent op-ed piece in a recent edition of the Economist.  The article is calling for the signing of a free trade agreement between America and the European Union.  Such an agreement would represent a major first step towards America becoming a fully participating member in that economic/political entity.  The end result will be that America will fall under the sway of the Anti-Christ when he rises to power.
The children of the Beast (COB) are very active in America.  We can see this as they continue to work for the political agenda of the Beast — and unfortunately they have been very successful.  However, the war is not yet lost.  The next chance to redirect America away from the path that leads to the Anti-Christ is before us — the fiscal cliff.  The economic repercussions of the fiscal cliff might be great enough to break a number of dangerous trends in America, and insure that the Beast’s power will be limited to Europe.
Live each day in faith.  Enjoy God’s blessing in our life today and do what you can to be a positive force in the life of others.  No one knows when Christ will return, but the signs of Revelation indicates that it will be in our life time.  Live a productive life and be prepared for what lies ahead.

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