Though there are interesting bits and pieces that can be gleamed from the news, there has been little to comment on.  The recent attacks and territorial gains by the ISIS in Iraq makes me again contemplate on the coming of the Red Rider.
I saw an interesting article that stated that some Christians believe that it is un-Christian to believe in global warming.  Something about only God has the power to change the world weather or such.  I guess there is some advantage to being an isolated Believer — I do not know when I am stating something controversial.  I only bring this up because I have argued that the anticipated affects of global warming can bring about some of the prophecies in Revelation.  Given that recent scientific claims that their is a link between the melting ice in Antarctica and an increase in the risk of volcanic activity on that continent, we can argue that there may similarly be a link between global warming and the possible eruption of a super volcano (the effects from a super volcano eruption would be sufficient to fulfill the prophecy found in Revelation 6:12-17).

Now I know that the linkage between global warming and the opening of the 6th seal is a bit thin, but we can see linkages even at this point.  As time progresses and we near the actual fulfillment of the prophecies of Revelation, we may all be hitting ourselves on the heads for missing these sort of linkages.

A time of chaos is coming.  If you have the means, make preparations and contingency plans for yourself and for those you are care for.  If you don’t have the means, then make contingency plans — it is not right to steal from your neighbors, but I don’t think God would mind you taking from an international corporation that has insurance anyway (that might not sound right to some, but if you have a family to care for, then you need to make the least wrong decisions at times).  Better stop here.

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