Nationwide Identification Systems — necessary infrastructure for the Mark
We have made note of the efforts of Washington DC to establish a nationwide identification system, by embedding the needed legislation within the details of the immigration reform bill.  Now we have word that the FBI is also making a new nationwide identification system that will include both criminals and non-criminals (i.e. everyone in America).  Bio-metric details will also be included.  The children of the Beast will keep working to create such an ID system as such as system will be needed for the implementation of the mark of the Beast, where it will be wedded to the electronic payment system infrastructure.   https://cjisaudit.khp.ks.gov/launchpad/cjisdocs/files/increment_4_contributor_user_letter_final2-6-14.pdf

The Erosion of Democracy and the coming of the Tyrant (aka the Beast)
Many of the freedoms that we thought were guaranteed by the Constitution have been coming under attack, mostly in the name of fighting terrorism.  However, it is plain to see that the children of the Beast are merely preparing for the rise of Beast, the Moshiach Impostor, who will become a tyrant who overthrows any vestige of democracy that remains.  Harry Reid gives us a hint of how the loss of constitutional freedoms could be widen — http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/sen-harry-reids-baseless-domestic-terror-accusations/2014/04/21/9ee485fa-c952-11e3-93eb-6c0037dde2ad_story.html.

The Federal government will merely label a group of protesting Americans as ‘terrorists’ and they immediately claim the ability to legally take away any Constitutional protection from those people — without any benefit of trial.  The ongoing erosion of the rights and freedoms long taken for granted by the people will continue — unless something very drastic happens in the nation.

The Spread of Gay-ism and the Coming Persecution
I have made the argument that the children of the Beast are attempting the normalization of homosexuality for the purpose of creating an almost insurmountable barrier to keep them away from God.  By normalization of homosexuality, I am referring to initiatives such as gay rights and gay marriage (which now also includes transvestite behavior — e.g. protecting the ability of men to show up to work in a dress and high heels (unfortunately, I kid you not)).  These attempts to normalize homosexual behavior serves two purposes.  One is that it keeps those enslaved to their gayness, away from God for the Bible clearly states that homosexual acts are an abomination in His eyes.  The almost hard wiring of the brain that occurs when a person becomes a homosexual is extremely difficult to overcome (though there have been reports of psychological treatments available — that have been obviously attack by the children of the Beast).  The bottom line is that these victims are almost beyond hope of salvation — and this can only but please the children of the Beast.  The second purpose for the normalization of gay-ism, is that by nature it spreads with sexual promiscuity.  The sexualization (I guess this is not a real word, but you know what I am trying to say) of our children means that children of all ages are increasingly being used as sexual objects by older children and adults alike — which includes both homosexual as well as heterosexual acts.  When a young child is introduced to homosexuality, it can become hard-wired into the brain (I do not understand how this works, and this might not be 100% accurate, but it is close enough to the truth) — perhaps like when a baby bird imprints on a dog as its mother (baby birds can imprint on ‘unnatural’ mothers).  Through this process, there has been an explosion in the percentage of gays in America and the world — it is amazing the unavailability of documentation on this phenomena.

As this phenomena progresses, we will see homosexuality continue to increase as a percentage of the population, and with it, we will see a continuation of the declines in the overall percentage of Believers in the population.  This phenomena has been documented.  As the percentage of Believers decrease, at some point it will reach a tipping point (as we see church attendance by younger people fall dramatically and a dying off of older baby boom Believers, at some point Believers will become a minority), where the current suppression of Christianity (it has been suppressed by the children of the Beast for along time now) will morph into oppression and persecution.  I may have gotten into this subject more than I initially intended, all triggered by the following article — http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/boy-scouts-wont-hire-me-summer-job-because-im-gay-n91731.  In the past, I have argued that the children of the Beast are seeking to use the Boy Scouts as a vehicle to accelerate the spread of homosexuality in America.  As more gays are attracted to the Boy Scouts, for obvious reasons, they will increasingly ‘convert’ more into the new gay-ism — and in the process keep them away from God forever.

I acknowledge that some will vehemently disagree with these arguments.  All I can say is that the truth is not always pleasant and one reason for the continuation of horrible things is the failure of good people to be brave enough to acknowledge the evil that is going on around them.

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