India has recently undergone a heat spike, killing thousands of people before the monsoons came to cool down the country.  Pakistan was next in the headlines, as that country too started to burn from the heat of the sun, killing hundreds of people –


Though the weather authorities have declared an El Nino in effect, California continues to bake in historically high temperatures and exceptional drought.  Now that we are in the summer fire season, California is truly burning as forest fires start to make their appearance —

Perhaps more worrisome, Alaska, far to the north, is now gripped by literally hundreds of forest fires —    

We have argued that the published scientific predictions on global warming will prove to be too optimistic — things will get much worse, more quickly.  Though our motivation for making this argument is based on our understanding of Revelation, and the role global warming will play in the realization of its prophecies, we can point to scientific research that supports our argument.  Scientists have warned of the tremendous amounts of methane that is currently locked up under the oceans in the form of methane hydrates, and similarly large amounts of methane locked up in the permafrost (that lies both on land and under the ocean in the Siberian sea).  As the ocean temperatures rise and the permafrost melts, that methane is now pouring into the atmosphere, and this phenomenon has not yet been factored into the global warming models.  We have argued that this worsening phenomenon will help bring about the heat spikes that will fulfill the prophecies of Revelation.

It is the Game of Thrones in reverse — Summer is coming, and the world will burn in its heat.

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