There has been a dramatic rise in the amount of methane in the atmosphere and many scientists seem baffled.  It would seem that there are clueless scientists out there.

Last year saw methane’s presence in the atmosphere increase the most in 20 years.  This site has been highlighting research that says warming in the Arctic has been releasing methane from both land based permafrost, as well as from methane deposits trapped in permafrost found under the shallow East Siberian sea.  We have pointed to this phenomena as probably the most powerful single cause that will trigger a catastrophic acceleration in the increase in average global temperature.  Man-made global warming has caused the Artic to warm, and as the permafrost melts, it releases methane and other carbon gases.  This is a self-reinforcing cycle that is contributing to the acceleration of global warming.  At some point, perhaps when the Arctic experiences iceless summers, that there will be an explosive release of methane that will trigger catastrophic global warming.

The attack on agriculture and the consumption of beef and milk is a red herring.  Cow farts and burps is not what is driving global warming.  It is a mystery why so many are ignoring the research on Artic methane release.

The Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, got it right when he said that Australia’s policy for global warming is to increase Australia’s resiliency.  Crippling the economy will not stop global warming — there is scientific research that argues that there already is enough carbon in the atmosphere to cause global average temperatures to increase by at least 3 degrees centigrade.  It is too late to stop catastrophic global warming, so nations must prepare to weather the storm.  This policy is supported by science and by the prophecies of Revelation.


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