Awhile ago (I am being lazy and not looking up when), I posted a write up about America becoming Latin — in terms of its economics (we will just ignore the open border for now).  The monetary and fiscal policy of America was becoming more and more similar to those of Argentina and Venezuela.

The recently released, historically high official inflation statistics (with experienced inflation twice as high for most of Americans) are the fruit of America’s economic policies.  However, even though the Federal Reserve is slowly reacting to the raging inflation that is causing such suffering among most Americans (i.e. those who do not have enough financial assets to offset the impact of inflation), America’s economy may very well continue to transformation into a Venezuelan-type nightmare.  The shortage of baby formula in America may be the first sign of this — Venezuelan hyper-inflation led to shortages of the most basic items, such as food.  Pelosi has even been reported as saying she is in favor of capping the price of gasoline — which would cause historically high gasoline prices to morph into absolute shortages, where fuel will not be able to be bought at any price (could that be considered “infinite inflation”?).

The fall of America to the Whore of Babylon, the power behind the illegitimate Biden administration, continues to follow the Nazi paradigm for its rise to power in Weimar Germany.  The similarities are so glaring, one wonders how it could be just a random coincidence.  Needless to say, as we started to argue earlier , the opening of the 3rd Seal in Revelation will be manifested by more than just food shortages, but rather the overall cost of living will rise to insufferable levels.  Given that, the rapid rise in the level of inflation (i.e. the rate of growth of the price level), could very well continue to accelerate — with absolute shortages of goods representing “infinite inflation” (i.e. where no matter how much you are willing to pay, you cannot buy it).

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