To continue on with the theme of the economic Latinization of the US, Newsom gives more support to our argument —

Governor Newsom Proposes $18.1 Billion Inflation Relief Package | California Governor

When the government spends more money to bring “inflation relief”, all the government does is give inflation an even bigger boost.  By providing more fuel to inflation, this type of policy will exacerbate the high inflation in America and can serve as a catalyst for hyper-inflation.

As we have argued before, the monetary policies of the Federal Reserve (and other central banks) have shifted wealth from the many (the workers of the world) to the few (the top 1%, whose wealth is held in the form of stocks and real estate).  Inflation takes away the wealth of the worker, as the wages from their labor buys fewer goods.  However, the monetary policy that creates inflation increases the prices of the stock market, real estate, and other forms of financial assets, thereby increasing the wealth of the top 1% (well, the top 1% benefit the most).  Newsom’s plan will only continue this wealth transfer, as any increased government support only further exacerbates this transfer of wealth.  In effect, Newsom is merely protecting the financial assets of the wealthy, bringing them relief, by seeking to forestall the fall in financial assets that is needed to bring down price levels (to cause “disinflation”), and restore some of the buying power of an hour of honest labor.

In our previous post, we mentioned how the US Congress is also looking to turn the current high inflation into a Venezuelan nightmare scenario —

A bill that would set gas price limits and prevent ‘exploitative’ cost hikes is headed for a House vote (yahoo.com)

Should this type of legislation become law, then as the costs to produce gasoline continue to rise, pushing its price beyond the cap, producers will merely cut back on production, in an attempt to minimize their losses and survive as a company.  In the Venezuelan scenario, the lawmakers like Pelosi would then move to nationalize those companies, with the argument that they need to be forced to produce more goods at a loss.  In the end, high prices will turn into scarcity, which will then morph into the halt of any production as corporations go bankrupt.  Only advocates of a “global climate crisis” would be pleased with the economic chaos and social suffering that this path would bring.

Needless to say, the 3rd rider of the Apocalypse is coming into the fullness of his power.  As we head further into the End of Days, the intensity and frequency of the shocks that are to emerge from the effects of the opening of the first 5 seals (please read earlier comments and topics pieces) will increase.  This site has argued that current developments are now leading the world into the next events on the timeline of Revelation — the destruction of the Whore and the opening of the Sixth Seal.  When this happens, Believers will need to be prepared to endure in their faith, as things will get crazy.

Live in the now, enjoy the little things in life, and rejoice that God has chosen our generation of Believers to be called to heaven for the Marriage of the Lamb!  (Also, be like the wise bridesmaids who had enough oil to welcome the groom.)

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