On the Der Spiegel website (http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/new-party-in-germany-goes-after-euro-skeptic-voters-a-887744.html), there is a story that discusses the birth of a new German political party.  This new party, Alternative for Germany, calls for the end of the Euro.  They favor either a return to national currencies or to have smaller currency zones created.  Just as this site has repeated stated, the Alternative for Germany party states:

“Democracy is eroding,” reads a statement on its website (German only). “The will of the people regarding (decisions relating to the euro) is never queried and is not represented in parliament. The government is depriving voters of a voice through disinformation, is pressuring constitutional organs, like parliament and the Constitutional Court, and is making far-reaching decisions in committees that have no democratic legitimacy.”

The among the founders of this new party are economists and academicians.  This will make it harder for the media and spokesmen for the Beast (like that economist who is so often quoted in the New York Times) to confuse the issues with false arguments and demagoguery.

We have speculated that given the current size of the European Union and the North-South divide (with the northern countries being in better fiscal health than their indebted southern neighbors), a possible scenario will be that prior to the rise of the Beast, the northern nations of Germany, Netherlands, and Finland will break away from the EU.  The southern nations would form a ‘new’ Euro zone and move to political integration.  This would be in line with current biblical interpretation that the Anti-Christ would rise to power over some form of a ‘revived Roman Empire’.

This new political party has just been formed, so only time will tell if they will be successful in their stated goals.

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