We have argued that the Beast will rule as a tyrant.  As such, he will seek to erode and eventually destroy democratic process and Constitutional rights and protections of the people.

Under the Obama administration, the Constitutional rights and liberties of US citizens have been systematically undermined.   His administration has made repeated attacks on the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, all of which has failed.  It is possible that his administration is now trying a new strategy.


The Department of Homeland Security gave US citizenship to over 800 people who were scheduled to be deported –they were scheduled to be deported out of fear that they would engage in terrorist acts on US soil.  By coincidence, after this ‘mistake’ came to light, there was a rapid string of Muslim-linked terrorist killings on US soil.



By setting loose Muslim terrorists on US soil, the agents of the Beast could look achieve a number of goals on their political agenda.  First, it could serve to legitimatize the loss of Constitutional protections that has already occurred with the mass domestic spying by the Federal government.  Second, it would facilitate further attacks on Constitutional rights and protections of US citizens.  However, the most important prize would be the ability to erode and finally eliminate the 2nd Amendment right of US citizens to bear arms.  If hundreds of terrorists were allowed to run free and not dealt with until they performed an act of mass murder, then US citizens might be more willing to give up their freedoms to end the mass murders.

The state of Washington, the site of one of the Muslim-linked terrorist attacks, is already set to propose new gun control legislation.  The agents of the Beast will stop at nothing to bring about the rise of the secular Jewish moshiach, aka the Anti-Christ.


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