The stakes have never been higher for the Beast and his agents.  They lost the Brexit election, they lost the British Labor party struggle (the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn — I will discuss this in a different post), and they will lose the Austrian election for President (if they every allow the election to actually happen).

The Beast and his agents will do anything to win the upcoming US Presidential election.  The mass media will hit its peak propaganda starting with the Trump-Clinton debates and continuing until the election date.  Polls serve as another form of propaganda, as they seek to make Clinton  more popular than she really is.  Besides its use as propaganda, it will also serve to aid in their election fraud attempts, as dead people and illegal aliens (among other tactics), will bolster the vote count for Clinton.

A Trump victory in November would not only represent a huge set back for the Beast in America, but it could also serve to trigger a series of events that could lead to the break up of the European Union, as it now stands (i.e. it will break up and then reform).

Be sure to pray for America — and get out to vote.  Trump would need to win by a large majority to insure that any fraudulent votes are rendered useless.  You know those working for the rise of the secular Jewish moshiach are doing everything they can to win the election — everything.

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