This site has argued that the opening of the Sixth Seal will result in a catastrophic eruption of a supervolcano, as such an event would fulfill the descriptions found in Revelation.  Scientific research was put forth to support such a scenario.  The discovery of 91 volcanoes in Western Antarctica is further support of the scientific view that significant melting of the land based ice in Antarctica and Greenland can usher in an era of hyper-volcanism.  However, it is a large leap to go from that research to the argument that a supervolcano eruption is imminent.

Though the supervolcano found in Northern California, the Long Valley caldera, is rated as a high threat for eruption, scientifically speaking, it can be thousands or tens of thousands of years before it erupts.  What would cause it to erupt in the coming year or two?

An underlying theme of this site has been that God works through man and His creation (aka Nature), in the fulfillment of the prophecies of Revelation.  The effects of the unleashing of the four horsemen can be directly tied to the activities of man.  The first three trumpets of the Seventh Seal can be tied to global warming.  Could the opening of the Sixth Seal be a combination of the two — both because of man and Nature?

My passing thought is, the natural world, created by God and governed by the rules God created, has made the conditions required for the cataclysmic eruption of a supervolcano.  All that is needed is a major earthquake to trigger it.  What if God is waiting for enough Believers to ask Him to open the Sixth Seal?  Should we be correct in arguing that it will be either the Long Valley caldera or the Yellowstone caldera to erupt, then such an event will negatively affect millions of Believers in America.  What if God, in all of His mercy and justice, is waiting for enough Believers in America to ask Him to go ahead and open the Sixth Seal?  It would imply that things continue to go from bad to worse in American society, as the agents of the Beast continue to wreck havoc in that nation.

This is just a passing thought for now, but it would appear that as the Beast progresses on his social and political agenda in America, society in America will only continue to degenerate.  Will things get to the point where Believers in America ask God to end it all?  If there will be a rapture (which I am not convinced), then the downside for Believers will be limited (unless they live within the 3 states nearest to the erupting caldera).

Luckily, as Believers, we can rejoice that God has shown us mercy, and that we can look forward to the return of Christ.  The manifestation of the prophecies of Revelation, as dreadful as they may be, only strengthen our faith and only increases our appreciation for the love God has shown us.  As we progress further into the End of Days, we know that it brings us closer to the return of Christ.  We must continue our work for God, whatever that may entail, and hope to survive so that we may see Christ in the sky.


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