Fallen Angel

This site has argued that the Beast will rule as a tyrant, destroying any remaining vestiges of democracy when he rises to his final place of power.  We have highlighted different ways in which democracy is being indirectly weakened and also attacked in a more direct fashion.  Recent events brings to mind the rise of another tyrant — Adolf Hitler.

The 24/7 propaganda of the Western mass media, which is clearly controlled by the agents of the Beast, are using tactics refined by Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda mastermind of the Nazi party.


Now, the use of the ‘anti-fa’ resembles that of the  Sturmabteilung, aka Brownshirts of the Nazi party.


As described in Wikipedia, one of the primary purposes of the Brownshirts  was to disrupt the meetings and gatherings of political opponents.  In America, any conservative gathering is being harassed and attack by the new version of the Sturmabteilung — the so-called ‘anti-fa’ (in and of itself an example of the ‘big lie’ propaganda technique).  These agents of the Beast are openly using physical violence against those who they deem to hold opposing political views.

Given this carbon copy use of Hitler’s tactics, it is easy to imagine that when the Beast does rise to power, just like Hitler, he will contrive to burn down the legislative house of that nation-state — whether it is the US Capital Building where the Congress meets or the EU Parliament in Brussels.  The mass media will welcome the Beast as the savior of the land, just as the Nazi propaganda machine did for Hitler.

Perhaps studying Nazi tactics will give us further clues as to how events will continue to unfold in America.  It is the agents of the Beasts who are the true fascists.  The signs of Revelation truly do surround us.

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