I was trying to find more information on the shifting of the jet streams, when I found this blog entry:http://blogs.ei.columbia.edu/2012/03/07/climate-change-may-be-affecting-the-jet-stream/.  It comes from a Columbia University website.  It was written a year ago and though it only briefly touches on the subject of shifting jet streams, it did make a prediction that the coming summer would be a hot one — and they were right as last year’s summer brought on a ‘flash drought’ that still grips much of the central part of the US (the US drought monitor has shown little relief from this winter’s snows).

Now I am about to go out into left field — some might think that if I went any further out, I would be no longer in the baseball field, but rather, I would be firmly in the parking lot.  I remember reading something about the HAARP project (http://www.haarp.alaska.edu/), and it related to the jet stream.  I think I first read about the HAARP project about 6 months ago.  You can read for yourself about the stated goal of the HAARP project.

I am bringing this up because what I remember about the site I read, was that the ions being shot into the air by HAARP could possibly affect the pathway of the jet streams.  The following link has some background information on the issue:  http://endthelie.com/books-and-reading-material/haarp-exposed/#axzz2PZjKbtmH

Aside from the hyperbole that is used in regards to HAARP (e.g. weapon of mass destruction, etc), it is interesting as the technical description of what HAARP does would imply that it could have the effect of pushing the jet stream southward (given that HAARP is in Alaska and thus north of the jet stream in the US).  Given that similar installations are present in some of the northern European countries, it could be that the EU is also attempting to push the jet stream back south in their region as well.

So, if we put aside the wild theories on the true nature of the HAARP project, and also put also the stated goals of that same project (my mind blurs when I read them), then we can see that given the scientifically accepted fact that the jet streams are slowly moving towards the pole (the northern stream moving northward and the southern stream moving southward), then it would not seem as ‘left field’ as one might think that the HAARP project is actually an attempt by the US (and other governments) to artificially manipulate the Earth’s weather to counteract the negative consequences of global warming (and other negative man made influences).  If we are to believe the prophecies in Revelation, then our guess would be that these attempts will not end happily

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