The Growing Underclass in America
With Bernanke and the Fed still in the midst of an unprecedented money printing splurge, the federal government still continues to undermine the incomes of working Americans.  Despite what the media says about a reduction in the unemployment rate, what is usually not mentioned is that fewer people are employed than before (the unemployment rate calculation does not include people who have given up looking for a job).  On one link, we see a chart of the ratio of employed versus people of working age (http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/the-shocking-truth-about-unemployment-in-america-in-one-chart), and similar analysis can also be found on other links (http://www.infowars.com/there-are-100-million-working-age-americans-that-do-not-have-jobs/).  The fact is that American economic policy continues to give favor large corporations at the expense of the average worker — and there has been absolutely no change in this area.  The only sustainable positive development for the creation of real jobs in America has been the fracking boom, which has dramatically lowered the cost of energy in America.  To take advantage of this, manufacturing jobs are returning to the States from overseas.  Unfortunately, Congress is moving to allow the exportation of natural gas abroad (it is currently illegal to export domestically produced natural gas), which would eliminate this real chance to improve the living standards of American workers.  To further add insult to injury, current immigration ‘reform’ would legalize a steady stream of low skill workers into the country, that would further worsen the plight of working Americans (http://swampland.time.com/2013/04/08/immigration-reform-the-coming-fight-over-the-low-skilled-worker-visa/).  The ongoing growth of the underclass in America (unemployed, underemployed, one illness away from bankruptcy) undermines democratic processes, and we can infer from the prophecies of Revelation that the Beast will take away many freedoms from the people that he comes to dominate.

Protection from the coming Mark of the Beast?
A number of states in the US are moving to legally make gold and silver as legal tender.  Texas is moving to create gold depository in the state, and would open it up to public use.  This site has speculated that the introduction of the mark of the Beast would be done during a time of great economic/financial turbulence.  The goal of making gold legal tender is to create a backup system for transactions in case of a major domestic or international financial crisis.  Perhaps this is one step in the right direction. (http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-04-08/trust-in-gold-not-bernanke-as-u-s-states-promote-bullion.html).

Succession from the Federal Government

Prior the the Presidential election of 2012, this site broached the idea of the need for states to succeed from the Union.  The idea was inspired by the millions in Catalonia who marched for the independence of that region from Spain.  It would be a great tragedy for Believers in the US should America fall under the dominion of the Beast.  The trends in legislation of the federal government are supportive of the political agenda of the Beast.  Soon, the balance of power will also shift in the Supreme Court (it may have already shifted) in the favor of ‘activist’ judges.  Should these ‘activist’ judges achieve a majority, then we can expect a slew of ‘judicial legislation’ that would override the will of the voters and in the end, strengthen the hand of the children of the Beast.
A refuge must be created for Believers in America, as the ascension of the Beast draws near.  Only Texas may have a legitimate argument to succeed from the Union, given that it was an independent nation prior to joining the States.  Even if succession is an unlikely prospect, Believers must work to create a safe harbor to shelter themselves from the coming Beast and his children.

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