I have started to contact web designers to finally redo this site.  I am not having much luck so far (nobody seems interested in the job so far) — perhaps if you were to remember this site in your prayers, we could find good people to work with.

I would argue that the children of the Beast have establish a strong hold around the neck of the major media outlets — which they guard jealously.  The move by Polish government to take control over their local media was met by a loud chorus of complaint by the media — they fear having their spin and ‘narrative’ (an innocuous word for propaganda) challenged.

It is always good to have a vision, a goal that is big and difficult to obtain.  For this site, our vision could be to create a credible alternative voice to the major media.  Such a voice would seek to pierce through the mind numbing wordsmithing that we are bombarded with and try to shed a truer light of reality by which to view the events of the day.  A clear view of our world today would make it easier to see the signs of Revelation which surround us.  We will revisit this topic.


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