This site has argued from day one that in order for the creation of an European mega-state to happen, the current European Union would need to first break apart.  Once that occurred, those EU members who wished to move ahead with full political integration would be then free to do so. George Soros, a c.o.b. if there ever was one, seems to think the EU is on the verge of collapse —

Should the crisis that now plague Europe — the loss of control over their borders, the sexual attacks of their recently welcomed illegal immigrants, the de facto bankruptcy of European nations and banks (only kept afloat by ECB funding) — result in the collapse of the EU as it now stands, it will be another reminder to all Believers of how close we are to the return of Christ.  It will also show that we are growing ever closer to the rise of the Anti-Christ as the foundations for his European mega-state continues to be readied.


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