European Science Foundation
The European Science Foundation has recently published a report which claims that the world is entering a period of heightened risk of a cataclysmic supervolcano eruption. —

This is quite fortuitous timing, as this site has been arguing that such an eruption will accompany the opening of the sixth seal, as described in Revelation 6:12-15.  If we are correct in our arguments that the 5th seal has been opened, then we shall find out soon enough the manner in which the opening of the 6th seal will be manifested.

The 5th Seal
The Guardian seems to be the only major media outlet that covers the persecution of Christians in the world —

I would argue that the opening of the first four seals, and the release of the horsemen, are dynamic events, in that the turmoil that the horsemen bring is not a one-shot event.  Rather, their effect on the world is cumulative and it is something that is growing over time.  The conflict and hunger that the second and third horsemen bring are magnified by the fourth horsemen.  Similarly, Death and Hades are only just getting warmed up — the suffering and chaos occurring in the parts of the world where they hold dominion is only worsening.  This may bold ill for Believers trapped in the lands where those two horsemen hold authority — the persecution of Believers may only worsen with time.  If Believers are looking to help people in need, they should make the effort to help relieve the suffering of persecuted Believers — surely, Jesus would recognize and reward your efforts.

Oppression in America
As the children of the Beast grow in power and influence, the standing of Believers in America will grow more tenuous.  The normalization of gays is just the start of laws that will be used to oppress Believers in America —

In the Fox news story, we hear about simple bakers who must surely be facing bankruptcy after the government fines them $135,.000 for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding.  This is just the first salvo, as the children of the Beast continue to morph American society into something that is contrary to faith, and over time, will make even more laws that will be difficult, and even impossible, for Believers to follow.


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