This site has been arguing that the Whore (the power behind the Biden administration) provoked a war in Ukraine, in order to weaken Europe (one of two main goals).  Revelation tells us that the Whore will dominate the Beast (please refer to previous posts), and this site has argued that the Whore seeks to create a world government — where America rules over Europe (i.e. where the Whore rules over the Beast).

The Biden administration has been doing all it can to not only prolong the Ukraine-Russia conflict, but has been actively working to expand the conflict into a NATO-Russia conflict.  It would appear that Zelensky, the Ukraine President, is working very closely with the Whore in this effort.  I will not go into a detailed explanation to support our argument (when you read the “news”, please mentally refer to our scenario).  I believe that developments will continue to fully support our proposition.

Should our argument prove correct, we will start to see European leaders wake up to the intentions of the Whore — and hatred will grow in their hearts for America (aka Babylon).  This development will be important to bring about the destruction of the Whore.  At this point, it is very difficult to see a likely scenario whereby the Whore is destroyed — but Revelation tells us the destruction of the Whore will be as sudden as it is devastating (again, refer to our previous writings).

It appears that the Ukraine-Russia conflict can be a key catalyst to bring about the opening of the Sixth Seal.  For this reason, we will keep a close eye on developments there.  The signs of Revelation fill the world.

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