red water

The El Nino/La Nina phenomena that occurs in the Pacific ocean can have a major impact on the weather in North and South America, as well as on Eastern Asia.  What drives this phenomena is not well understood.  However, I did read some references that it could be linked to ocean mixing — a phenomena where warmer and cooler layers of ocean water intermingle.  Ocean mixing also plays a key role in driving the thermohaline circulation.

We have previously highlighted research which found that there has been a significant reduction of ocean mixing (one measurement estimated at least a 30% reduction).  I will continue to try to get the latest research on the linkage between ocean mixing and the ENSO (El Nino/Southern Oscillation).  The melting of the ice in Antarctica is creating a fresh water layer near the surface of the ocean, which is acting as a barrier that is inhibiting ocean mixing.  This in turn is resulting in a significant reduction in the creation of Antarctica bottom water, a current of cold water that flows northward from Antarctica.  It is possible that the reduction in ocean mixing and the concurrent reduction in bottom water creation, will have a lasting impact on the ENSO phenomena — with major weather implications.  We will continue to track research in this area, as it will shed light on possible repercussions regarding global grain production.

The above highlights the fact that science still does not full understand many important aspects of what is going on with climate change, and its many repercussions.  As global average temperatures continue to increase, it continues to trigger different natural cycles across the world — and science is behind the ball on figuring out what is going on.  However, as Believers, we know the end game — the manifestation of the prophecies of Revelation.

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