In the Muslim countries of the Middle East, as well as Israel, it is illegal for Christians to seek to convert others to Christianity.  It could also get you killed very quickly, depending on your location.  You definitely do not want to open a church in Helmand province of Afghanistan.

However, now Western Europe is full of Muslims who could not be reached before!  If your faith is strong enough and you do not mind being martyred, you could even start to preach in the “no-go” zones of Sweden, Germany, Denmark, and Belgium.

The agents of the Beast have sought to swamp Western Europe with Muslim migrants, to help achieve their own political goals.  Believers must take advantage of this opportunity and begin a concerted effort to reach out and convert them to Christianity!

The Bible says that all things can work out for those who Believe.  The Believers of Western Europe now have a historic opportunity to bring faith to those who could not be reached previously!!!!

(The same can be said for Believers in Australia and America — now is the time to reach out to the Muslim immigrants and to convert them to Christianity).

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