The massive healthcare bill, otherwise known as Obama-care, was passed by Congress two years ago and is now being reviewed by the US Supreme Court. The central provision being focused on is whether the federal government can force American citizens to buy private health insurance. Can the federal government impel its citizens to enter into a private economic transaction? Should the Court rule that provision to be permissible under the Constitution, then America will take one large step further down the road that leads to the Beast.
A favorable ruling will give the Federal a whole new area in which to expand its powers and further limit the freedom of its people. Expansion of Federal power in the realm of private economic transactions will open a door that will eventual result in the Federal government being able to mandate how those economic transactions are done. Now we are free to buy and sell goods with cash, credit, or trade. There is no requirement for identification in general. The Beast will change this, as he will force all to take his mark in order to buy or sell goods. In today’s world, this implies that identification will be required for all transactions and most likely the government will stop printing money in order to halt all cash transactions — the mark of the Beast will be used for identification and the elimination of cash would make it easier to force people to take the mark.

I grow ever fearful that unless American Believers are able to resist the Children of the Beast, those who are working for his ascendancy to power, then America will indeed fall under the sway of the Anti-Christ when he rises.  For now this important issue lies in the hands of those few people in the Supreme Court.  5 out of 9 must vote against the core contention in Obama-care.  Pray for them and pray for America.  Watch and see who argues for the expansion of power of the federal government in this area of private economics, and you will see where some of the Children of the Beast can be found.

The first step for many will be to open their eyes to see what is around them.


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