A new piece of research out from Europe, soon to be published in Astronomy and Astrophysics, claims that there are tens of billions of planets. It was not long ago when the scientific community admitted it had no evidence of the existence of other planets. New planets were first discovered’ when fluctuations of light being emitted by stars was interpreted as the effect of the gravitation of planets on the emitted light. Through this theory there was a burst of discovery of planets. Now, a priori, according to this new publication, there are tens of billions of planets purely based on some astronomer’s notion.

Earlier we half-seriously postulated that an increase in alien movies could be an indicator of the closeness of the End Days. We postulated that when the Rapture occurs and God calls the Believers to Him, those who remain will be looking for an explanation for the disappearance of millions of people. The media will spew out tales of alien abduction and all of the dubious videos of UFOs will suddenly seem so believable. The argument that there are billions of unseen planets will make it seem more plausible that there is at least one planet with beings able to travel in space and who came to Earth to take away humans for slave labor or some other nefarious purpose.

Perhaps right before the Rapture, some government (under the influence of the Beast) will actually release some sort of ‘proof’ of intelligent aliens. Should this actually occur, then get your worldly affairs in order.


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