Antarctica is indeed a strange continent.  On average, the land of Antartica is buried under 1.7 kilometers of ice.  Under the Western Antarctic ice sheet, the land mass is mostly below sea level, with parts being 2,500 meters below sea level.  Recent technological advances have allowed scientists to better ‘see’ what lies underneath the massive ice sheets and what they found is not encouraging.  The have found thermal hot spots which are indicative of geothermal activity.  These hot spots are accelerating the melting of the ice at the bottom of the ice sheets, significantly increasing the amount and speed of the ice melt.  This ice melt is significant enough to cause the land mass to rise over 100 times faster normal expectations.  This in turn is causing the underlying magma to also rise, which is increasing the amount of volcanic activity in the region.  Should this turn into a self reinforcing cycle (geothermal heat — more ice melt — more land rise — more geothermal heat — etc), unimaginable repercussions may ensue.  I cannot see any direct linkage between rising sea levels (the most direct impact of an unexpectedly large melt of Antarctic land ice) and the prophecies of Revelations.  The closet linkage to Revelation may come via how an ‘abrupt’ rise (e.g.100 times faster than normal rises) in the Antarctic land mass would impact global magma movements and a triggering of a supervolcano eruption.  The massive infusion of fresh water would impact ocean currents and thus impact weather patterns in a completely unpredictable manner.  The decrease in salinity of the ocean water would further promote the growth of algae blooms.

May favorite phase from a World Bank climate change report was ‘non-linear acceleration and cascading impacts’.  We can see that a self reinforcing Antarctic cycle of ice melt and volcanic activity would cause a non-linear acceleration of sea level rise and in the process, surely cause some cascading impacts along the way.  When viewing new scientific discoveries through the lens of Revelation, the seemingly mundane science becomes quite fascinating.

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