Perhaps I will have to rewrite ‘Coming Persecution’ that I moved to the Archives section, as it has become relevant after recent news out of Houston —

A recently elected lesbian mayor of Houston has demanded that church pastors submit their sermons that deal with homosexuality or the mayor to the government before they give those sermons — or else face financial penalty or jail time.  This is highly demonstrative of our argument as it pertains to the coming persecution of Christians as well as our argument that the coming government of the Anti-Christ will be tyrannical.

History has shown that two factors are common in all instances of persecution of Christians — one is that the Christian population is a small minority and two, that the government is controlled by hostile authorities.  Christians are still not a small minority in Texas, but even so, we can see what happens when the governing authorities become hostile — as the current lesbian mayor is.

This illustrates the importance of the coming mid-term elections.  Many elections are very close, so it is important to exercise your democratic rights — before they are stripped from you — and vote for a politician more likely to resist the children of the Beast, rather than those politicians who would help with the political and cultural agenda of the children of the Beast.


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