If true, there has been another ‘Wow!’ moment.  A physicist has just published work that shows that black holes are mathematically impossible.  I am sure the scientific world will focus in quickly to review her math, as there will be many in the scientific world who will be made to look like fools should she be right (and many will surely lose very generous government funding).

I believe this supports our argument that scientific facts are the friends of faith, and it is the scientific theories/fiction that are used to attack it.  Should the existence of black holes be disproved, there is a very interesting implication — it would crush the Big Bang theory on the creation of the universe.  The scientific world will have to make up a new theory/fiction as how the universe was created — I believe that this can be seen as supportive of the faith of Believers.

It reminds me of my first days at a university where I was first exposed to rather elitist students from the Northeast.  In class they spoke in smug, confident tones.  They were smart people, but I eventually came to learn that they really did not know what they were talking about and that their confidence was based on self deceptions.

As Believers, we can be confident that God will deliver on His promises, and that scientific reality will be our friend as it points to the signs of the coming prophecies in Revelation.

Link to story — http://www.firstpost.com/living/black-holes-are-mathematically-impossible-says-a-new-study-1735633.html

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