I know we are taught that swearing is not appropriate, but sometimes it seems very appropriate indeed.

The agents of the Beast and the mass media are attempting to use fake news of ‘Russian hacking’ as a pretense for their attack on the US election system.  They repeat their lies in hopes of winning the US Presidential election through the corruption of Republican electors (delegates chosen to vote in the electoral college on December 19th).  The agents of the Beast have also co-opted many ‘establishment’ Republican politicians (which is why Trump received minimized support from the Republican Party during the election campaign), and this could also be playing a role in the emergence of ‘faithless’ electors.

These actions show that the agents of the Beast has little regard from democracy.  When in power, they systematically seek to erode and weaken the economic and social foundations required for a healthy democracy, as well as undermining democratic principles and process.  The attack on the elector selection process is just the latest, and most blatant example.  This is consistent with our argument that the Beast will rule as a tyrant, destroying any remaining vestiges of democracy, when he rises to his final place of power.

There was another ‘Are you #$%@ kidding me?’ moment, when I read the following news articles:



In the last few years, the amount of methane found in the atmosphere is skyrocketing, and some scientists are wondering where it came from?  The article and the research presumes that all global warming is anthropogenic, i.e. man-made, and seem to be willfully ignoring the research concerning the natural global warming cycle that is releasing massive amount of methane — the melting of the Arctic permafrost.  The data on the rise of methane in the atmosphere is the only thing useful to be found in the article (they are still trying to blame rice farming and cow farts for the rise in methane).  It confirms that the last two years saw a massive increase in methane — this serves as confirmation that the Arctic methane feed back process is accelerating.   As the Arctic continues to warm, it releases more and more methane, which in turn further accelerates the warming in the Arctic.  Due to the revolution of the Earth (the fact that the Earth is spinning), the methane slowly spreads across the Northern Hemisphere — and in doing so, raises the atmospheric temperatures as it spreads.

Perhaps the existence of natural global warming processes undermines the politics of the Paris global warming agreement.  Both science and Revelation says that this agreement will do nothing to stop catastrophic global warming from occurring.  Once the Seventh Seal is opened, and catastrophic global heat spikes erupt, the world will belatedly be forced to acknowledge the scientific research that this site has highlighted.


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