Earthquakes, Supermoon and Supervolcanos

In ‘Science and the Sixth Seal’, we highlighted research which linked significant melting of land-based ice in Greenland and Antarctica with an overall increase in global volcanic activity.  At the same time, we also discussed another research piece which argued that supervolano eruptions are triggered by earthquakes which damage the ‘lid’ of a supervolcano.  Should the lid to the supervolcano be damaged significantly enough, it could cause the lid to collapse, and thus trigger a catastrophic supervolcano eruption.

Recently, we have been musing that the supermoons of November and December of this year could possibly trigger an earthquake that leads to a supervolcano eruption.  It is no more than musing, as the scientifically calculated probability of a supervolcano eruption is quite low.  Despite this, this site still argues that such an eruption would serve to fulfill prophecy found in the book of Revelation.

The outbreak of powerful earthquakes continue in many parts of the world.

Aceh, a region in Indonesia was hit with a 6.5 scale quake on December 6th, killing nearly a hundred people.  On December 8th, another major quake, 7.8 on the Richter scale hit the Solomon islands, which is closely located to Aceh.  Only two hours after the Aceh quake, there was a 6.5 quake off the California coast, near Eureka.

Interestingly enough, the Aceh and Solomon island quakes occurred near the Indonesian supervolcano located at Lake Toba.  The quake off the California coast was not far from the supervolcano located in Northern California, the Long Valley caldera.  This supervolcano remains our ‘favorite’.   One reason for this is the idea that it will take a major earthquake to damage the volcanic lid.  California is home to many quakes.  The Long Valley Caldera is subject to quake swarms on a fairly regular basis, as can be seen by this quake monitor:

In the past 7 days, this area suffered 58 quakes.  It only takes one to crack the lid.

I would argue that will be just a matter of time, before an major earthquake occurs near one of the world’s supervolcanos, triggering its eruption.  One scientific report predicts that within 30 years, such an eruption will take place at the Sakurajima supervolcano in Japan (based on the buildup of magma that is currently occurring).  If such an eruption will be how the opening of the Sixth Seal is manifested, I would argue that such an eruption can happen at anytime now.

‘Fake News’ and Mass Media Propaganda

The mass media is trying to distract from their total lack of credibility and their ongoing propaganda efforts.  Their new ploy is the dangers of ‘fake news’.  Even Hillary has emerged to take up the propaganda campaign.

The propaganda techniques of the mass media continue 24/7, and now they hope to distract with this new ploy.  It is the height of hypocrisy.  The mass media continues to show that they have zero credibility.

Are we there yet?

Since I first began this website, I felt that the European Union would first need to break up before it could reform into a politically unified mega-state.  Perhaps, finally, that time is drawing near.  

The success of the ‘Leave’ camp in the Brexit referendum was the first blow to the body of the EU.  The agents of the Beast still work to delay and sabotage efforts to formally leave the EU, so no real damage has been done yet.  The victory of Trump in the US Presidential election was a tremendous defeat to those working to bring about the rise of the secular Jewish moshiach (aka the Anti-Christ), and has encouraged all the political groups in Europe who are seeking their independence from the EU.  

Despite an edge in the polls, Hofer, a ‘right-wing populist’ (a title the mass media gives to any politician that is against their political agenda), lost in the Austrian election for President.  Given that the first election was nullified due to voter fraud, and the second election was delayed due to issues with mail-in ballots, one cannot help but wonder is the agents of the Beast found another way to win by fraud.  However, Austria will soon have general elections and the people of Austria will get another chance of voting for politicians who will lead them away from the Beast.

Though Hofer lost in Austria, so did Renzi of Italy.  On December 4th, Italy had a referendum vote on whether to make changes to the constitution.  Renzi, the proponent of the changes, said that he would quit if the ‘NO’ camp won — the NO camp won, and Renzi has submitted his resignation.  Depending on a judicial review on election law, there may be a snap election called for, which will occur in February.  Should this play out, the odds are quite high that Grillo and his 5 Star Movement will get a chance to form a government.  Grill has made leaving the Euro and the European Union a major policy platform.  

Come January, when Trump is inaugurated as President, he will embark on a political agenda that will seek to turn America onto a new path, one that leads America away from the Beast.  This will influence other European elections to be held next year.  In April, France will vote on a new federal government.  Marie Le-Penn could very well come to power in France.  Should the 5 Star Movement come to power in Italy and Le Penn similarly becme the next French prime minister, the EU will finally break up.  There are still a lot of big ‘ifs’ in this line of thinking, however, the momentum is clearly building for the break up of the EU — an important event that will eventually herald the birth of the 10 nation mega-state of the Beast.

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