The 24/7 media attacks on Tony Abbot, combined with money from the agents of the Beast, resulted in his removal as leader of the ruling Coalition in Australia — and the selection of Turnbull as the new leader and thus the new Prime Minister of Australia.  Turnbull has now given the Beast’s agents what they desire.  Under his leadership, a new law was recently made which removes previous restrictions on mass media ownership.

Now, just like in America, a single mass media corporation can control radio, television, and newspaper operations.  Australia can now be bombarded with a singular propaganda  voice 24/7, just like America.  The new law now also permits a single television operator to broadcast to the entire country (prior it was limited to 75%).  This also strengthens the ability of the mass media to have a powerful propaganda affect on the nation.

The second thing that Turnbull has given them is his support for same sex marriage, which is coming to a vote in the form of a referendum.

The agents of the Beast hope to legalize same sex-marriage in their goal to promote its popularity among the children of Australia (homosexual conversion occurs when minors are sexually abused by adults and older minors).  The school system in NSW is also fostering the growth of homosexuality among children with its ‘safe school’ program.  The agents of the Beast will surely look to expand this program nation-wide should gay marriage become legalized.  The percentage of gays will explode as children across the whole country become converted to gay-ism through sexual abuse.

The Coalition was considered a conservative choice prior to Turnbull, but now it is anything but.  The Coalition still has one last conservative policy that it supports — the enforcement of immigration laws to keep out illegal immigrants.  However, once the agents of the Beast are able to control the entire Australian mass media, and should gay marriage become legalized, then it is with great certainty that we can predict that Turnbull will change his stance on illegal immigration and boats full of illegal migrants will once again flood into Australia.

The establishment politicians on the left and the right have been corrupted and co-opted by the money of the Beast.  Believers must fight back in order to buy more time for our children to grow up in a safe environment.  The agendas of the Beast seek to twist and spiritually destroy them.  Pray for the children of Australia, as it is their future that is now in jeopardy.

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