The ongoing conflict between Soros and Netanyahu has steadily worsened until it has been splashed across the New York Times and other prominent publications which cater to large Jewish audiences.

This conflict is very relevent to the arguments we raised in the recent write-up, “The Beast and the Jewish Temple” (please read that post now if you haven’t looked at it yet), where we speculated that the Anti-Christ will seek to merge his European mega-state with Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Netanyahu, the current Prime Minister of Israel, has pursued a conservative policy which focused on Zionism as the overriding principle of governance.  In its most fundamental terms, Zionism is the principle that Israel is a nation for Jewish people.  Jewish people are given preferential treatment in obtaining citizenship and in many other rights and privileges — and non-Jews face a host of barriers.  Netanyahu has also expanded Jewish settlements on the West Bank by confiscating land from Palestinians, for the purpose of building housing complexes for “Jewish settlers”.  These settlements represent a policy of long term territorial expansion through the oppression of the Palestinians.  One of the longer term goals through this policy is the Jewification of Jerusalem (Eastern Jerusalem has traditionally been under the control of Palestinians).  

Soros, a very prominent Jewish activist, has spent tens of millions on a variety of causes — the legalization of marijuana, the legalization of gay marriage, the removal of any restrictions of immigration (pro “open borders” policies), boats to facilitate illegal African immigration to Europe, as well as on the election of candidates supportive of his causes.  Recently, Soros has also been funding a number of organizations which are openly critical of Netanyahu’s Zionist policies, and which are attempting to organize opposition against those said policies — hence the current rift.

The New York Times has taken the side of Soros, publishing articles and opinion pieces supporting his side of the argument, while attacking Netanyahu.

Opinion | Op-Ed Contributor

Israel’s War Against George Soros

(you will need to look up this article yourself as I am unable to copy the link)

Netanyahu is very aware that the attacks on his administration are emanating from Jewish people in America.  Perhaps this was part of his motivation to inject further controversy into America Jewish -Israeli relations —

Opinion | Op-Ed Columnist

Israel to American Jews: You Just Don’t Matter

Just recently, Netanyahu has made the Orthodox Jewish rabbinate the sole arbitrator of who is considered Jewish from a legal stand point.   I will just copy the from the NY Times article given the nuanced writing:

At the same time, Bibi caved and endorsed an Orthodox party bill in the Knesset that handed the ultra-Orthodox what amounts to a monopoly over conversions to Judaism in Israel “by pulling government recognition for private conversions” — basically those done by non-Orthodox rabbis, The Times of Israel reported. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency pointed out that Israel’s Orthodox parties and Chief Rabbinate essentially control “all Jewish marriage in Israel, and immigrants who wish to wed there must first prove they are Jewish according to Orthodox law. … The Chief Rabbinate’s antipathy to Reform and Conservative rabbis is well documented.”

This has caused great consternation to American Jews, who are mostly Reformed or Conservative (think of Orthodox as the equivalent of evangelicals, the Reformed as Anglicans, and the Conservative as Presbytrians).  I believe, in effect, any American non-Orthodox Jew who moves to Israel, may have difficulties in establishing their Jewishness, especially if it does not conform to Orthodox guidelines.  Needless to say, Netanyahu has responded to attacks by American Jews by undermining their Jewishness.

This American-Israel Jewish rift is very relevant to the prophecies of the End of Days.  In the post, “The Beast and the Jewish Temple”, we laid out a scenario by which the Beast facilitates the reconstruction of the Jewish Temple (so that he can then commandeer it and command the world to worship him as God).  In that scenario, the Beast, as leader of the newly formed mega-state, will invite both Israel and the Palestinians territories to merge with ‘his’ mega-state.  Such an invitation would be met with great disdain if the leaders were pursuing Zionist policies — i.e. leaders like Netanyahu.  From this viewpoint, we can see that the current rift between Soros and Netanyahu is just the start, as the agents of the Beast open up a new front in their war of political conquest.  The Beast has begun a campaign against a Zionist Israel, as a Zionist state would reject any sort of merger with Europe.

There may be few headlines in this battle for the future of Israel, however given Paul’s prophecy in 2Thessonians, we can expect a long war between these two sides.  Perhaps within the next 10 years time, Israel will elect a government that renounces Zionism (financed by the agents of the Beast like Soros), opening the way for its political merger with the European mega-state.  

The world is a fascinating place, as seen through the framework of the prophecies of Revelation.


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