We have argued that the Anti-Christ will put on the guise of the long awaited Jewish moschiach, aka messiah.  The messiah, in mainstream Jewish thought, is a secular ruler, who will rule over Jew and Gentile, on a global scale.

One of the most defining actions of the moschiach will his actions that result in all Jewish people returning to Israel.  This is very problematic, as 40% of the world’s Jewish population resides in America, and they have no intention of moving to Israel (which also has about 40%).  What is a moschiach to do?  The only solution is to have the countries merge.

In this scenario,  first the EU will finally move forward with the political merger of its member nations.  After that, America and Israel will join the newly created mega-state.  Though this scenario may seem unthinkable now, current trends lead in this direction.  Should America and Israel become politically merged, through joining the European mega-state, then technically, 90% of the world’s Jewish population will have ‘returned’ to Israel.  Also, under such a merge of nations, the Beast would then gain leverage over the reconstruction of the Temple, and would then be able to claim the Temple for his own.  It is easy to imagine the Beast and his false prophet using the rebuilt Temple as the stage when they command the world to worship the Beast.

According to one poll, over 80% of the people in Israel already want to join the European Union —


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