The president of Catalonia has called for snap elections after Madrid rejected his demands for greater autonomy for the region.  Earlier in the month, as much as 1.5 million Catalans gathered in their regional capital of Barcelona to demand independence for the region.  The fiscal crisis in Spain and the economic downturn that followed has sparked a renewed surge for independence, as the region has consistently paid more money to Madrid than it received back.  The regional government now faces its own fiscal and economic crisis and it sees greater autonomy as a solution.
In America, where money politics completely control the elections for the President, and where the candidates of both parties espouse policies that are consistent with the agenda of the Beast, Believers are running out of options.  America is still a democracy, and even though those with money can contribute millions of dollars to ‘their’ candidates, they still only get one vote.  If Believers can identify and elect candidates who will fight for liberty for America, and fight against the political agenda of the Beast, then there is always a chance for America to remain out of the hands of the Beast when he ascends to power.  However, if someone like Obama or Clinton were to become President again, given the current signs of Revelation prophecies, the chances of America falling under the power of the Beast go up significantly.  This would then only leave two desperate options.  One option would be to follow the lead of Catalonia, and seek autonomy from Washington.  Texas was an independent nation prior to joining the Union.  It would have the most legitimacy in seeking independence from Washington.  While extreme as this may seem, in the end, it may become the only option left for Believers.  The second option can be seen as even more extreme and desperate — fleeing the country to a place that will not implement the mark of the Beast.
Given the signs of the coming fulfillment of the prophecies in Revelation, I believe that the next election cycle in America holds great significance.  The choice of the next President, as well as the selection of the members of the House and Senate, can become the determining factor for whether America falls under the power of the Beast.  Even if the children of the Beast control the media outlets, even if they use their wealth to buy votes, no matter how much secular power they may hold, Believers can still hold the ultimate power if they can elect the right people (or avoid electing the wrong people).  Let us hope and pray — and fight — for our friends, family, and neighbors.  Perhaps God’s greatest commandant to us is to love and care for our neighbors — and keeping them safe from the Beast in the End of Days will be so important.  Should the bodies of the Federal  government — the Presidency, the Legislature, and the Supreme Court — fall under the control of the Beast and his children, then Believers will only be left with extreme and desperate options.

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