There was an interesting editorial piece in the Financial Times this past week, where one of the FT writers, Martin Wolf, was discussing how a German departure from the Euro bloc would benefit the people of Germany.  It was surprising to find an article with such a tone.

It is currently feared by many that Greece will choose to voluntarily leave the Euro bloc or that it will be forced out.  Those same people believe that such an event could precipitate the departure of Spain and other weak governments to leave the Euro.  If we look at prophecy in Revelation, consensus interpretation of Revelation 17 suggests that the Beast will come to power over a revived Roman empire.  If we look at the boundaries of ancient Rome, we see that Italy, Spain, and Greece were at the core of the ancient Roman Empire.  We also see that the northern European Union countries with strong economies – Germany, Denmark, and Finland – were never conquered by the armies of Rome.  Given our current understanding of Revelations 17, we would expect that it will be this bloc of northern European nations to leave the EU, not the troubled southern nations.  Such a development is currently considered as an impossibility, so far beyond the thinkable that to propose such an outcome would risk being considered a lunatic – at best.  However, if the consensus interpretation of Revelation 17 is correct, then the unthinkable will be the final outcome of the current European debt crisis.

We will develop this scenario in greater depth, and will surely revisit this discussion as ‘surprise’ events come to support this view.

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