On CNN, there was a short news story about the possible introduction of finger print and retinal scans at US airports.  They interviewed someone who argued that the implementation of finger print and retinal scans at airports would be helpful in processing people faster at security gates, and help flag risky types for more attention.
The timing of the story was quite serendipitous, as we had just recently talked about the digital identification system that was implemented in India, that uses retinal and fingerprint scans to create a unique electronic ID signature.  We had argued that this was all to close to the prophesy in Revelation that warns that the Beast will put his mark on the right hand or forehead of all those who fall under his power (eye scan equals forehead, fingerprint scan equals right hand).
Believers in each country must fight against the political agenda of the Beast, and seek to save their nation from falling under the power of the Beast when he ascends to power.  We must fight for liberty and freedom, as the Beast and his children are seeking to take that away.  The implementation of retinal and finger print scans at airports would represent the first step towards a national ID system of the same nature.  From there, making the scans a requirement for any purchase of a goods or service is a small step — and Revelation warns that whoever takes the mark of the Beast will face eternal damnation.
Perhaps the greatest commandment God has given us is to love our neighbors.  We must do whatever we can to prevent them from getting the mark and thus being doomed to eternal separation from God. There is no room for compromise.


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