CNN and other major US news outlets continue to ignore massive demonstrations in Catalan, as they seek independence from Spain.  (

Perhaps it is time for Believers to start a similar movement in Texas or other states.  While it may seem to be a Quixotic endeavor, it would give a chance for Believers to band together and organize for political action.  As we near the End of Days, I believe it becomes ever more important for Believers to prepare for what is coming.  I strongly believe that it is only prudent to look to establish a sanctuary that will be safe from the coming Beast.  The signs are that the children of the Beast are extremely active in America, and Believers must fight to keep all of America free from the Beast’s dominion.  Organizing and working for succession of Texas from the Union may serve as one tool in the fight to stop those working for the political agenda of the Beast.

The children of the Beast are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to gain their political agenda in America.  Believers may not have the same financial resources, but they still are greater in number — for now.  Political action is required to keep our family and friends safe from what is to come.

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