This site has been arguing that the Whore — the illegitimate Biden administration — has been provoking Russia in the Ukraine.  The effort paid off as Russia finally felt it necessary to move militarily.  We have been highlighting one of the main motivations behind the Whore’s efforts — to construct a narrative of Russia cyberwarfare in order to take control of the voting machines in America prior to the upcoming Congressional elections.  The “narrative construction” effort continues:

Retired Gen. Holt to Newsmax: Putin Will Likely Try Cyberattacks on US Targets |

Biden has been presented with options for massive cyberattacks against Russia (

It now appears that the illegitimate Biden administration does not even have to wait for Russia to really launch a cyberattack — America will start things off themselves!  Again, these headlines provide extremely strong confirmation/support of our argument.  The Whore has instigated a war in Ukraine, with one goal being to rig the upcoming Congressional elections (by taking federal control of the nation’s voting machines), in order to prevent a Democrat disaster in the polls.

The Ukrainians are merely collateral damage.

On top of this, the Whore is probably thinking, why let a good war go to waste?  This site has also argued that the Whore is looking to weaken the Beast — i.e. the European Union — and strengthen its dominant position over the EU nations.  Given this perspective, it is easy to imagine the US will conspire to have the Russia-Ukraine conflict expand into a Russia-NATO conflict.  The Whore will then see more of Europe fall into chaos, thereby expanding the Whore’s ability to dominate the Beast (if this sounds a bit confusing, please refer to previous posts).

What is now unfolding in Europe could very well be the catalyst for the Beast to grow to hate the Whore, and the Beast will begin plot the Whore’s downfall — as the Whore has shown that she is willing for Europe to suffer not only economic hardship (from crazy sky high natural gas prices due to the cut-off of Russian supplies), but also the death and societal chaos which stems from war.  Europe itself can possibly become collateral damage, just like Ukraine — all because of the Whore, aka the illegitimate Biden administration.

The prophecies of Revelation do not provide much insight into what is currently going on in Europe, however, we are provided glimpses of what this war will eventually bring about.  The signs of Revelation surround us, now more than ever!




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