This site has been arguing that the illegitimate Biden administration has been provoking Russia, with the intent of instigating a military conflict in Ukraine (please read previous posts).

The US is now working on a new set of sanctions against Russia, to punish Russia for moving its troops into the breakaway region of Donbass in Ukraine.  It will be interesting to see how damaging the sanctions will be.

In the lead up to World War II, America began sanctioning Japan for its military activity in Asia.  These sanctions culminated in the placement of an oil embargo on Japan (please refer to Wikipedia).  Japan, realizing that they would run out of oil in a matter of months, made the decision to use its military to take the oil it needed in Asia, and on top of that, they also decided to attack Peal Harbor, believing that a war with America was inevitable.  Should the illegitimate Biden administration place sanctions on Russia which would go as far as to threaten the continuation of the Putin government, then the world could again be facing the threat of another world war.

I would expect that the European Union and the leaders of European nations would understand that it is Europe that would suffer the most devastation in such a scenario.   There is nothing in Revelation that sheds light on how things will play out in this current drama.  However, Revelation does tell us that the Beast (the power behind the EU) will grow to hate the Whore (the power behind the illegitimate Biden administration), and the Beast will turn on the Whore to help destroy her.  Given this, I would expect that eventually the illegitimate Biden administration will suffer some very nasty surprises.

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