The “news” is so full of bullsh@t that it is becoming more painful to monitor — it is not fun wading through all the cr@p.  The propaganda of the agents of the Beast grows more strident and ridiculous.

Perhaps we will take a step back from the day to day news, and seek to further expand on the themes we have already developed.  For example, there is a story out that San Francisco has taken the next step in giving illegal aliens full voting rights by allowing them to vote in the local Board of Education elections.  This is just one more step in their attack on democracy and national sovereignty.  For those new to this site, this might seem a large jump in reasoning, so you would need to review earlier posts and essays.

Also, we may start including more musings on the scriptures more.  Though I am not seminary trained, that does not mean I cannot touch on selected notions derived from the scriptures — of course, one must always be very circumspect when doing so.

The trends and phenomena that this site has highlighted continue unabated.  The signs of the coming prophecies of Revelation grow more pronounced, and we await the opening of the Sixth Seal to confirm that we are indeed in the End of Days.

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