The site is not the typical Christian religious site, in that we do not deal really touch much on Christ’s love, forgiveness, or other spiritual matters.  One could even say that we dwell on many dark and foreboding subjects.  However, the prophecies of Revelation are intrinsically scary as they tell us that all will not be sunny and rosy in the End of Days.  As Believers, we can trust in God and that no matter what happens, in the end, God will have our backs.  Personally, I remind myself to stay in the here and now, and focus on what I call the “eternal present”.  As God has given us eternal life through the love and forgiveness found through Christ, in a sense, our eternal life has begun and we are living it now.  Given this, there is no need to worry about what might lie over the horizon (though it would be imprudent not to prepare).  Live in the here and now, and seek to live your life as though your eternal life with Christ has already started – as it actually has.  Now back to the news……


Canada is currently suffering through a major heatwave.  It has already killed 30 people.

I have not read the weather reports to find out what exactly is driving this heatwave, and yes, it is easy to just say that it is due to “global warming”.  However, in Revelation, we are told that after the Seventh Seal is opened, one third of the trees will “burn”.  Previously, we speculated that as the Arctic region warms at a significantly faster rate than rest of the world, perhaps it will be the taiga (aka the boreal forest) – the forest that circles the Arctic region – that will burn.  The taiga actually does represent about one third of the world’s forests.

We have highlighted research and studies that not only have shown that global warming is affecting the Arctic the most, in terms of increases in atmospheric and ocean temperatures, but also that warming in this region will eventually cause an explosive release of methane trapped in the Arctic ice (both on land and on the seabed).  As the Arctic continues to warm in a soon to be exponential fashion, one can only assume that neighboring areas, like Canada and Russia, will also experience sudden heat spikes.


I stumbled upon some old news by accident (sometimes news sites recycle dated news pieces for some reason – perhaps they get tired of making things up).

A poll was taken that found many of Generation Z (similar results were found in a poll of Millennials), that found only 66% identified as heterosexuals.  This site has previously argued that the gay population would explode as homosexuality becomes normalized and promoted.  Gay adults convert older minors, and old minors convert young minors to homosexuality through different forms of homosexual sexual abuse.  Public schools are even grooming very young children into being more open to homosexual abuse through different “tolerance” lessons.  Soon enough, the percentage of adult homosexuals will grow to be politically significant.    I would expect that this will negatively impact the community of Believers at some point, as the implication is that Believers are already a shrinking minority of the population, making it more vulnerable to persecution.


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