This site is among those who have said that Biden will not serve out the 4 years of his presidency.  Biden is just a sad, mentally failing puppet, who has outlived his usefulness.  One has to wonder how he will be removed — I would guess that it would be most useful to the Whore if he died from Covid-19.  Irrespective of how he is ultimately removed, his replacement will only be worse, in terms of moving America further down the path to its ultimate destruction — literally (based upon our argument for the connection between the destruction of Babylon and the opening of the Sixth Seal).

As we move ever further into the midst of the End of Days, the signs of the prophecies of Revelation will grow stronger in intensity and the shocks will come more frequently.  Trust in God, but be like the wise maidens and be sure to have plenty of oil as we wait for the coming of the Marriage of the Lamb (Matthew 25:1-13).

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