As we are living in the End of Days, we will find ourselves facing very challenging times and will be forced to make very difficult decisions.  The Democratic Party’s use of massive, fraudulent mail-in ballots to “win” the US Presidential election for Biden (make no mistake, he will not be making any real decisions on policy) represents the end of democracy in America.  There can be no real democracy when the agents of the Beast are now in a position to rig every election going forward, using massive, fraudulent mail-in (and eventually on-line) votes.  Once they manage to form an illegitimate government, the Democrats will pass laws that will enable them to win every single election going forward.  Beyond that, they will be in a position to pass the most reprehensible laws using “public referendums”.  Oregon has just legalized the use of heroin, meth, and cocaine  by using a public referendum – surely, they used systematic, fraudulent mail-in votes to enact that most reprehensible law.  In the end, when the time is right, it is easy to imagine that the agents of the Beast will use massive, fraudulent votes to pass a national public referendum that will surrender the sovereignty of the United States to some world governing body.

We have been arguing that the agents of the Beast are attacking both democracy and the sovereignty of the nation-state to prepare for the rise of the anti-Christ, aka the Beast.  The events of this 4th of November represents a sort of culmination of their recent activities – and yet, it is only just the beginning of their end game.  From the prophecies of Revelation, we can identify two important end goals of the Beast’s political agenda.  As the Beast will come to power of a mega-state, formed from the merger of 10 nation-states, we can see that his agents will work to undermine and eventually destroy the sovereignty of nations (Revelation 13:1).  As the Beast will eventually declare himself a god, and will command all those under his dominion to worship him (2Thessalonians 2:4), we can see that he will rule as a tyrant – so his agents have been working to undermine democracy and the protections it provides against such tyrants.  The agents of the Beast have been attacking the sovereignty of America and the democratic process in America, and those attacks are set to move into hyper-mode.

Should the Democratic Party succeed in winning the Presidency through the use of massive mail-in ballot fraud, they will move quickly to institutionalize their ability to win any election through this method – and the agents of the Beast will have succeeded in destroying democracy in America.  Under the banner of “election reform”, the Democrats will make it easier to use mail-in ballot fraud to not only capture both Houses of Congress, but will use it for state and local elections.  The agents of the Beast will move with great speed to use their illegitimate powers to make progress on the political agenda of the Beast.

The attack on America’s sovereignty will again accelerate.  The agents of the Beast will once again open the borders of America, and not only people but drugs will flow in an unending tide into the country.  The “election reform” of the Democrats will also move to give voting rights and other rights of citizens to all illegal immigrants.  America will exist in name only.  The agents of the Beast will enter into “treaties” with the EU and perhaps even the United Nations, handing away its sovereign rights to parties outside of America.  Under the excuse of “international law” the agents of the Beast will hack away at the protections afforded by the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

In conjunction with the attack on America’s sovereignty, the agents of the Beast will attack the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  However, before they can deal the killing blow to these legal protections, the Democrats will move to create a Supreme Court that will deal the final death blow to democracy.  The Democrats have already tipped their hand, saying that they will “reform” the Supreme Court by increasing the number of judges – to the number necessary to win any legal challenge to their attacks on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  The first obvious candidate will be the end of the 2nd Amendment – the agents of the Beast will want to confiscate as many guns as possible to prevent any risk armed resistance.  Freedom of speech has been under attack by the internet search engines, social media, and throughout the educational system.  Similar to Europe, it is easy to imagine that legal restrictions on free speech will be also imposed in America – and the Supreme Court will find some excuse to allow them.

The recently passed legislation in Oregon gives a glimpse of what else can be expected.  Voters passed a public referendum in Oregon (again, once must assume with the help of fraudulent mail-in voting) that legalizes (aka “de-criminalizes”) the use of heroin, meth, and cocaine – the must addictive and destructive narcotics currently available.  This abuse of public referendums, combined with massive, fraudulent mail-in voting, can and will be used to put into law the most repugnant legislation (e.g. legalization of adult/child sex will not be far away).  One can easily imagine how this tactic can aid the agents of the Beast into making America a literal hellscape.

There is the notion that people, when faced enough chaos, are willing to give up their hard-won liberties, in exchange for safety and security.  Oregon’s legalization of the most addictive narcotics, combined with moves to defund police departments, promises to bring about a flood of addiction and the accompanying crime, suffering, and death.  One can only wonder what else they will do to help facilitate the ascension of the anti-Christ.  As state and local police forces are defunded, crime will terrorize entire communities.  With fewer police, “no go” zones will spring up across America as the agents of the Beast emulate these European phenomena.  Criminals will not be prosecuted by local district attorneys (who are also elected officials).  When the time is right, the illegitimate federal government will create a federal police force (which is unconstitutional but the Supreme Court will have already been “reformed”).  This federal police force will then be used to enforce the will of the agents of the Beast across the whole nation.

This is the scenario all Americans are facing should Biden/Harris move into the White House.  Believers can go about their business – work, school, family, church, etc. – but events have progressed to the point where doing nothing becomes a very risky decision.  Just keeping your head down and hoping that you can breeze through until the rapture will ultimately turn out to be a very bad decision.  I strongly believe that in the End of Days, a “normal” life will be increasingly difficult to maintain – the agents of the Beast will not allow that.  However, then the question is, what as a Believer am I to do?

I believe that by examining our spiritual lives separately from our secular lives, we can find our way to the right path.  Our spiritual life is defined by those things we do for God.  We are encouraged to work and save up heavenly treasure, rather than earthly, by doing good works for God.  Our actions motivated as service to God make up our spiritual life.  God would have us maximizing this aspect of our life.  However, for most Believers, our secular life takes up much of our time.  We have to work to pay the bills, or go to school and study, or take care of our family and loves, or some combination of all three.  However, what Americans now face is a situation where not only is their spiritual lives at risk, as the agents of the Beast will, at some point, begin a campaign of persecution, but their secular lives will also be increasingly threatened as the agents of the Beast systematically dismantle democratic process and the sovereignty of the nation.  Only suffering and chaos will ensue.

From a view point of our spiritual lives, the death of democracy and the death of America as a nation, would mean that there will be more people to feed, to cloth, and to take care of.  Believers would need to be strong in their faith as life as a Believer will grow increasingly difficult.  As Believers, we can continue to live the principles that Christ has taught us.

From the point of view of our secular lives, the death of democracy and the death of America as a nation would represent a huge challenge.  Hyper-quantum easing by the Federal Reserve (i.e. unprecedent monetary easing) will continue America’s compounding inflation,  making it difficult to make ends meet, combined with open borders where a literal tsunami of illegal immigration will make finding a job ever more challenging.  Also, even if you do find a job, the ever increasing supply of labor will mean that wages will never be able to keep up with the rising cost of living (official “inflation” will remain low).  Rampant use of addictive drugs, combined with a shrinking police force, will make the streets increasingly dangerous for men, women, and children.  America will continue its de-evolution into a third world nation.

The secular question facing Believers and non-Believers alike is, are you willing to take up arms to defend America as a nation and to fight to regain its democracy?  Whatever choices people end up making, the signs of the coming prophecies of Revelation surround us – and they are becoming only too real.




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