I have been watching the ongoing expansion of the Ebola epidemic in west Africa.  I am still not sure what, if any, implications this outbreak has on our timeline for where we are in the End of Days.  At the beginning of the End of Days, pestilence is not mentioned until the opening of the fourth seal and the unleashing of Death and Hades — surely these two riders are still bound!

We shall have to continue monitoring to see whether this virus escapes the African continent or not.  It is surely just a precursor for what is to come, but that assumes it does not spread to other parts of the world.  Death and Hades will bring pestilence to a quarter of the world — we shall just have to see how far Ebola spreads and whether other deadly viruses emerge in other parts of the world.  I still think that it is too early for the fourth rider to be unleashed.

On another front, it would appear that Yellen and the Federal Reserve are still bent on unleashing a South American style inflation flare up on the US economy.  Given the growing underclass in America, the actual inflation being experienced by a large percentage of the population is significantly higher than the government statistics on CPI (Consumer Price Index).  For those living from paycheck to paycheck (and more so those who are borrowing to pay their bills), the cost of food, fuel, utilities, and rent represent 100% of their expenditures (or even 115%).  Given this profile, the actual inflation being experienced by at least half the US population is closer to 10% or more — this is the inflation rate if we use older versions of the government calculation method.  What the media or the government does not tell you is that inflation is a tax, as it takes buying power out of your paychecks.  The monetary policy that is creating this inflation, and taking money way from workers is giving that money to the wealthy as their assets go up because of the super easy monetary policy (e.g. stocks and real estate).  The result is the ever growing divergence of wealth between the top 1% and the rest of the nation.  This is relevant to this website, as this ever increasing divide erodes the foundations of democracy.  As the super rich seek to further secure their wealth, they increase their political power and their ability to control the expanding underclass.  This process brings us closer to falling under the dominion of the Beast when he rises to power — he will be a tyrant and he will overthrow any remnants of democracy.

There was a survey out recently, that asked people whether they wished their state could succeed from the Union — it showed a significant percentage of people wanted their state to separate from the US and form a separate nation.  It was nowhere near 50% and it would surely take another civil war for it to happen…

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