Though the pro-independence voters in Scotland lost the referendum vote, the fight for independence continues on other fronts in Europe.  The independence movement in Catalonia advances with the Catalonian President setting the date for their independence referendum vote.  The Prime Minister of Spain has denounced that move as unconstitutional and illegal, but it would appear that he will not be able to prevent the vote from happening.  Unlike the Scottish referendum, the one in Catalonia is not legally binding, so even if 100% of the Catalonians vote Yes to independence, they will still remain part of Spain.  However, by establishing that an overwhelming majority is demanding independence, they hope to be one step closer to winning their freedom from Spain.

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There is another independence struggle that has made importance progress in the fight for German independence — from the European Union.  The Alternative for Deutschland party, whose main policies is the exit from the European Union and the return to the Deutschmark (their national currency prior to the adoption of the Euro), won a significant percentage of the vote in two regional elections, enabling them to field party representatives in those regional assemblies.  Given that the party only started less than two years ago, this is a major victory.  Though the AfD is still a long way from attaining their central policy goals, they are making significant progress.

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This site is supportive of these independence movements as they represent fights against the political agenda of the coming Beast (aka Anti-Christ).  Consensus evangelical interpretation of Revelation is that the Beast will come to rise rise to power over a European ‘superstate’ made up of at least 10 politically merged nations.  Should Catalonia win its independence from Spain, it increase their chances of not falling under the dominion of the Beast should Spain fall under the dominion of the Beast when he rises to power.  Similarly for Germany, should the European Union prove to be the vehicle for the creation of a politically merged superstate (that will fall to the Beast), then Alternative for Deutschland can save Germany from the Anti-Christ should they be able to achieve their main policy goals.

The Beast will not suddenly mystically appear and take over the democratic governments in Western Europe (and quite possibly America) — he is alive now and his children are busy at work on their political and social agenda, whose central aim is to prepare for his final ascension to power.  By fighting for independence, by fighting to increase the power of the people (and thus fighting against increasing powers to the state), Believers can resist the children of the Beast and increase the chances that their own children will not fall under the power of the coming Beast.

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