I will soon rewrite the piece with the same name to highlight more recent events.  The Immigration Reform bill will further aggravate the pressure on the working class in America, as job exportation and illegal immigration has resulted in the lowest worker participation rate in history.  Bernanke (and soon to be Yellen) have printed massive amounts of money, which has done nothing to help the Underclass in America (the unemployed and the underemployed) — even among those who have found jobs, most remain in low paying retail related jobs.  What Bernanke and Company have accomplished is to further aggravate the wealth divide, as the top 1% have absorbed 95% of all increases in income for the last 4 years.  Bernanke and the Federal Reserve are not going to stop until they have created the next bubble — and perhaps the bursting of this bubble will be the catalyst that will bring about the final rise of the Beast.

Perhaps the only way to avoid this path, lies in bursting the bubble before it gets too big.  The House of Representatives is the only body in the US government that is fighting to take America down a different path.  Should their actions result in the US government temporarily defaulting on its debt by not increasing the US federal deficit limit, then this may burst the bubble that is once again building in the US stock and real estate markets.  The odds are that this wil not happen — but we will find out within the next two weeks.

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