September is not yet over, and there is still a chance that the dying embers of summer may spark a fire for the fall.

The ongoing drama in Italian politics is finally coming to a head.  Berloni, the ex-Italian PM, has finally been pushed out of politics due to his criminal convictions.  HIs political party has withdrawn from the coalition government that is currently ruling over Italy.   Letto, the current Prime Minister, will not be able to form another government as Grillo and his 5 Star Party will not form a coalition with him.  I would anticipate it is only a matter of time before he calls another election.  Should Grillo be successful in those elections, then perhaps we shall see the start of the end of the EU as we know it.  I will elaborate more as this new developments occur in this ongoing drama.

Politics also look to heat up in America.  Perhaps this time the House of Representatives will take a stand and permit the closure of the government in their fight against Obama and the Democrats.  The establishment Republicans must share the blame with the Democrats for the economic policies that have led to the imbalance in the distribution of wealth and income in America — they both have done nothing to stop the export of middle class jobs to China and other cheap production centers.  They have both done nothing to stop the Federal Reserve from creating asset bubbles that have only benefited the top 10% of the nation — with the top 1% taking most of the gains.

The debt bubble that has developed — as an explicit goal of the Federal Reserve — has grown to an extent that it threatens the entire global financial system.  The longer it is left to grow, the greater the odds that its bursting will usher in the final ascension of the Beast — and sweep America into the embrace of the Beast and his children.

The temporary closure of the US government — and more importantly, the temporary halt on payments on the US federal debt — might create enough turbulence to pop the asset bubbles being created by the children of the Beast.  Should this happen, the media will cry bloody murder, but it will be the children of the Beast, that will suffer the most as they will lose billions.  Only 10% of Americas hold equity and house ownership has slipped towards historical lows — i.e. most Americas will lose very little should the stock market crash.

History has shown that the Republicans will back down in the last minute of any showdown on the public debt, as they fear the liberal media.  Let us pray that this time they trust the American people to understand why economic policies must change.

The prophecies of Revelation foretell of the coming Beast.  I believe the EU must break apart and reform in order to bring about a political union that is implied by Revelation prophecy — a Grillo led government in Italy can be one catalyst for that to occur.  We can see that the children of the Beast are extremely active in America — so much that it is hard to imagine Believers being able to stop them from their political goal of having America fall under the dominion of the Beast.  I cannot help but think that a premature bursting of the asset bubbles they seek to create can somehow create a path that leads away from the Beast.  The closure of the federal government and halting payment on federal debt may be the catalyst that will result in securing America from the final ascension of the Beast (anything would be better than falling under his dominion).

The next few weeks may prove quite eventful.

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