The death of democracy in America and the impending demise of its status as a sovereign nation-state have tremendous secular implications, given America’s role in the world.  I can only merely touch on the surface of the reverberations that will ripple across the world.

From an economic point of view, we are already seeing the initial impacts.  As the illegitimate Biden administration has already begun its work towards the destruction of America as a sovereign nation-state, the financial markets have begun to reflect that reality.

America has put itself at the center of world trade, and most international markets are still priced in US dollar.  From energy (oil and gas) to food (grains, meat) to precious metals (gold, silver), all of these commodities are priced in dollars on the global markets.  As the US federal government systematically goes about destroying the sovereignty of America — by opening up the border to unlimited illegal immigration to the granting of US citizenship privileges to those same immigrants — it impacts the value of the US dollar.  The existence of a sovereign nation is the most fundamental prerequisite for a currency to have any value — if that nation ceases to exist, then any value assign to that currency also goes to zero.  Based on this reasoning, as the agents of the Beast work to destroy the sovereignty of America, as they destroyed its democratic rule of government, then the value of the US dollar should continue to fall.

As the US dollar loses it value, the commodity markets (which are priced in dollars) have all been surging higher — iron ore, oil, grains to name the main ones.  The financial press will talk about a post-Covid bounce in demand, or disruptions to supply chains, or the hyper-printing of money by the central banks of the world. All of these factors have played a role in driving up prices of commodities, as well as financial assets.  However, what will metastasize this surging inflation into hyper-inflation, and bring about the culmination of the opening of the Third Seal (please see previous posts) will be further destruction of the sovereignty of America.  As the illegitimate Biden administration continues in their work in the de facto elimination of the national borders of America, as they continue to remove any meaning to the concept of US citizenship, and as they go down the same economic road as Venezuela, the disintegration of the value of the US dollar will result in global commodity markets to spiral ever higher.  It is difficult to anticipate what will happen once the reality of hyper-inflation sets in for America.  However, the financial and economic reverberations will be epic.

We have previously argued that the manifestations of the Third Seal (Revelation 6:5-6) have been lagging.  It would appear that this will soon no longer be true as the experienced inflation of the majority of people is looking to go hyperbolic.  With the effects of the opening of the Third Seal now coming to bloom, we would argue that the opening of the first five seals described in the sixth chapter of the Book of Revelation are fully manifested.  This makes us think that the opening of the Sixth Seal (Revelation 6:12) is looming ever closer.  As the agents of the Beast continue to advance their political agenda, bringing the world closer to the rise of the Anti-Christ, we cannot but think that the calamitous events which will be manifested upon the opening of the Sixth Seal draw ever so nearer.

We are truly surrounded by the signs of Revelation.


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