The technology required to implement the mark of the Beast (Revelation 13:16) already exists.  Amazon is moving us one step closer to that implementation.

Amazon Begins Rollout of Pay-by-Palm at Whole Foods near HQ |

Amazon will allow customers to use the palm of their hands to purchase items in one of their Whole Foods stores — of course, you need to register a credit card along with your palm print.  The implication is that a person’s biometric data will be sufficient identification — their will be no need to implant chips into people in order to roll out the mark of the Beast.

The last hurdle preventing the implementation of the mark of the Beast is the lack of a global identification system.  This site has argued that the use of a Covid vaccination passport will serve as the platform by which the agents of the Beast will create a global identification system.  This system will be leveraged and built upon in order to create the infrastructure needed for the mark.

We are indeed surrounded by the signs of Revelation.


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